A Journey from Exobrain to AI-Enhanced Innovation

The Genesis of Exobrain

The Exobrain project, envisioned and initiated by Gunn Kim, serves as a digital repository and an information processing haven. Coined after the concept of an external hard drive, the Exobrain project is a testament to Kim's foresight in the digital era. It operates through two distinct channels:
  1. Public Exobrain: Accessible via gunn.kim, this platform thrives as a static web page based on GitLab, with plans to evolve into a dynamic information processing entity.
  1. Private Exobrain: Currently employing Notion after transitioning from Dynalist, this personal digital tool is linked at notion.gunn.kim. It’s supplemented by Feedly, Pocket, IFTTT, and Google Calendar, aiming for eventual integration with the public platform.

A Diverse Professional Path

Gunn Kim, also known as Kunwoo Kim, has carved a unique career path. His journey as a business economist in a leading Korean corporate think tank and as a data economist in a mobility company showcases his versatile expertise. This experience has equipped him with deep insights into various economic paradigms, especially the digital economy.

Pioneering Research in Digital Economy and Fintech

Kim's professional narrative is rich with pioneering research. His journey, beginning with Bitcoin studies, transitioned into the fintech realm and eventually expanded into the digital economy. Noteworthy is his follow-up research on Bitcoin in 2014, leading to comprehensive studies in fintech and digital economic impacts. His recent focus on the digital economy has garnered significant media attention, illustrating his impact in this field.

Digital Tools: Enhancing Productivity and Creativity

Kim's commitment to productivity and efficiency is evident in his adoption of digital tools like R for data science and Rstudio coupled with Markdown for content creation. His experimental approach to data and version management using git and the Static Site Generator Hugo led to the creation of his Github pages. This blend of tools underlines Kim's dedication to 'Reproducible Research' and his innovative spirit in digital content production and management.

Balancing Life: From Kendo to Family

Kim's life outside work is a mosaic of diverse interests. From completing triathlons to practicing Kendo, he epitomizes the balance between physical fitness and mental well-being. His role as a father and husband adds another dimension to his persona, highlighting his commitment to family and personal life.

Future Aspirations: A Decade into Exobrain and Beyond

As we look ahead, Gunn Kim envisions a future where the Exobrain project not only serves as an extended cognitive repository but also as an automated tool aiding in the discernment of quality information. He aspires to continue evolving in this ever-changing digital landscape, guided by principles like 'Moore's Law', and hopes that his journey inspires and contributes to the broader community.

Embracing Innovation: ChatGPT and the Acceleration of Learning

Revolutionizing Learning and Creation with ChatGPT

In recent times, Gunn Kim has turned to ChatGPT as his primary go-to tool, surpassing even Google in terms of usage frequency. Whether it's during work hours, on vacation, or even amidst driving and parenting duties, ChatGPT has become an integral part of his daily routine. This shift signifies a major transformation in how information and learning are accessed in the digital age.

A Decade of Progress in Months

Kim's engagement with ChatGPT has been nothing short of revolutionary. He humorously notes that he has learned and created more in the past ten months with ChatGPT than in the previous ten years. This rapid advancement covers a wide range of areas, from data analytics and Python development to the creation of real-world applications and backend services. The pace at which Kim is able to turn the ideas and aspirations in his mind into tangible realities is extraordinary, showcasing the power of AI-assisted development.

"Idea to Reality": Unraveling a Story of Innovation

Kim's journey with ChatGPT aligns with his overarching theme of "Idea to Reality". He is in the process of unraveling this story, bit by bit, as he continues to create and innovate. One significant aspect of this journey is GenAI, a major project that encapsulates his vision. This endeavor represents the culmination of a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience, now streamlined and accelerated by the capabilities of ChatGPT.

The Future with ChatGPT: A Vision of Accelerated Creativity

As Gunn Kim continues to explore and leverage the potential of ChatGPT, he stands at the forefront of a new era in digital creativity and innovation. His experiences highlight the transformative impact of AI tools like ChatGPT in converting ideas into reality at an unprecedented pace. This journey is not just about personal growth or professional development; it's about redefining the boundaries of what's possible in the digital age.